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Our Values & Team

Thought Information Technology consultants lacked creativity? Think again.

ihotdesk was founded on the principles of providing high-quality, flexible, proactive and independent service to small and medium sized businesses.

“Our core asset is the tremendous team that we have built at ihotdesk; as well as having great technical skills our colleagues are personable and committed to our Clients well-being. I’m truly proud of our people.”
David Horwood MD

By employing only the most highly qualified, business-minded and friendly service representatives, we aim to deliver proven solutions through innovative use of Information Technology, while staying true to our CREATIVE values.

Customer focused

Placing the customer first, listening to their needs and developing services to improve their performance


For our clients, partners and our colleagues


Continuous Improvement. Doing it right the first time


Empowering our colleagues to be responsible for their clients and their careers.

Team Work

Assisting, supporting, encouraging and helping each other at all times.


Being honest and fair with our clients, partners and our colleagues

Very open communication

With our colleagues and our clients. Willing to listen, understand and change.

Enjoying our Work

When it stops being fun, there is something wrong!