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Microsoft SharePoint technologies

No matter the size of the organization, customers are looking for better, more efficient ways to share information within their organization and with outside key suppliers, partners, and clients. Microsoft® SharePoint presents a set of two new technologies from Microsoft that were developed to facilitate information sharing both within organizations and over the Internet.

SharePoint Products and Technologies give users the ability to organize information, readily access that information, manage documents, and enable efficient collaboration, using a browser-based and Microsoft Office–integrated environment.

ihotdesk are a Gold Certified Partner and have attained the Information Worker Solutions competency through our demonstrated expertise in implementing Microsoft Portal Solutions. We can provide you with the skills and experience to implement either Sharepoint Technology within your organisation.


Small or ad hoc workgroups need an informal means to work together on group deliverables, shared documents, and to communicate status with one another. ihotdesk can provide the necessary skills to implement and develop Microsoft® Windows Sharepoint services.

Large workgroups with structured processes need greater management over their information. They require features like formal publishing processes and the ability to search for and assimilate content from multiple data stores and file formats. ihotdesk can provide the necessary skills to implement and develop Microsoft® SharePoint Portal Server within your organisation.

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ihotdesk are a mondosoft partner, we have experience of implementing the range of Ontolica products.

Visit the Ontolica SiteONTOLICA® for SharePoint® is a collection of modules that enhance the Standard SharePoint® Portal Server 2003. Among its key features is a more powerful, configurable and intuitive search interface which enables the use of wildcard (*) and Boolean (AND/OR/NOT) searches which are not available in the standard product.

ONTOLICA® for SharePoint® comes with an included installation program to ensure the easiest possible setup and integrates with all third party products supported by SharePoint®, including Mondosoft's BehaviorTracking™, Documentum, Hummingbird, general SQL databases etc.

Find out more about ONTOLICA® Portal Search module

The ONTOLICA® Portal Search module greatly enhances the standard SharePoint Portal Server 2003 search functionality. The new search WebParts are fully configurable and offers many new search related features compared to standard SharePoint search.

FInd out more about ONTOLICA® Knowledge Base
The ONTOLICA® Knowledge Base is a powerful module for storing and sharing links. It allows you to create shared link collections on any SharePoint® site, including portal sites, personal sites and team sites. Those link collections are ideal e.g. for members of a team that need to store and share relevant links.