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ihotdesk provide IT support services for small and medium-sized business throughout the United Kingdom from 8 regional offices enabling us to provide full coverage at either home or office location.

Our services include PC Support, Remote Support, Server Management, Firewall Management and Network Management. We can also provide full IT Consultancy services to implement IT Solutions including Server upgrades, Virtual Private Networks, Voice over IP (VoIP) Solutions, Remote working solutions, Hardware upgrades, Mobile data solutions and line of business applications.

We also provide remote firewall management for our customers managed firewall's (hotfirewall) as far afield as the US, Singapore, India & Italy.

Our Consultants provide daily remote support and perform regular onsite visits to our customers remote offices in Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and the US.

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IT Support UK

IT Support London - click for map IT Support Reading - click for map IT Support Brighton - click for map IT Support Birmingham - click for map IT Support Manchester - click for map IT Support Edinburgh - click for map E-mail ihotdesk