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Customer quotes

  • "What stands out most about ihotdesk is their remarkably high Quality Of Service - which has allowed me to be get back in the driving seat, where I belong ! "
  • "By outsourcing our IT management, we have gained access to a skill base to guide our IT strategy that would have been impracticable to build internally. This has been complemented by the operational skills to achieve our service targets and manage risk within our demanding environment."
  • "The management of our IT infrastructure is a critical part of the school's operation. I am confident that by having outsourced this task we have achieved a better result for pupils, teachers and the school's funds."

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IT Outsourcing

Thinking of Outsourcing all or part of your IT Support?

Our IT Outsourcing services for small and medium sized businesses provides comprehensive, proactive maintenance for your Information Technology infrastructure.

We take your IT worries off your hands, so you can rest assured that the wellbeing of your IT system is looked after 24/7. Our service provides the highest level of IT support from highly qualified, business-minded and friendly service representatives.

Our IT Outsourcing Services at a glance

IT Support UK

Help Desk::

Our Trained Support representatives take ownership of your IT requests - it's integral to the personal service we deliver. Our helpdesk can be contacted by phone or email 24x7.

Telephone and Remote assistance::

You will receive a response to your IT query within 15 minutes from logging the call with our help desk.  The support representative who returns your call will already be familiar with your IT set-up and network configuration and will have already thought through potential solutions to your problem.

We are able to take remote control of your machine, so we are virtually 'on-site' at all times.

Desk-side support::

If our Telephone Assistance is unable to resolve the IT problem - or if you prefer to tackle your problem face to face, ihotdesk will send one of our Service representatives to your offices.

Desk-side services include:

Call-out::We'll be onsite within four hours for an urgent request or the next business day if the problem is not impacting your productivity.

Scheduled:: Your business may wish to schedule regular half or full-day visits during which we will work together through a planned list of tasks.

Installations::Installing a new piece of equipment takes time. ihotdesk will take care of your on-site installations of PCs, printers, Servers or any other IT equipment.

Proactive Server management::

ihotdesk provides a proactive management service for your server(s). By monitoring your servers regularly - performing daily back-ups, analysis, housekeeping and virus checks, we help to prevent potential problems that cause down-time and frustration for your users.

SQL Server management::

ihotdesk provide a pro-active management service for your SQL Server(s), this service provides additional monitoring and checking of specific elements of the SQL Server system. The benefits of this service result in peace of mind, that ihotdesk are monitoring your database backups daily and through regular analysis and housekeeping are preventing potential problems from causing down-time for your users.

Application and Database Assistance::

Providing general day-to-day support for software applications and databases - if you're stuck, we are here to help. You may have a system developed in the past by someone who has left your company. We can learn this system and provide you with ongoing development and support.

hotFirewall and Secure Remote Access::

Our managed firewall service 'hotFirewall' combined with Secure Remote Access take a proactive approach in addressing your network's safety and the invaluable information your company holds and provides a great way of giving secure remote access for home-workers or people that are mobile.

hotSwap Maintenance::

Our hotswap recovery services for Desktop, Notebook PCs and Macs provide a pre-configured system next business day in the event of a failure. We'll then dispatch your failed unit for warranty repair.

Service management::

Service management provides account management; an inventory of all hardware and software; procurement of new hardware and software; and proactive advice and guidance.

Account management::

Every customer has an allocated Account Manager, they will help to design a service which meets your company's needs. We can offer a fixed annual budget for the provision of these services, so you have confidence of knowing in advance the cost to your business of IT support throughout the year.

If you are looking to Outsource all or part of your IT Support in London or throughout the United Kingdom and would like to meet with one of our consultants for a no-obligation discussion please call us on 08000 321000, email us at [email protected] or request a call-back.