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Our experience

ihotdesk has experience within a broad range of industry sectors throughout London and the United Kingdom; we have experience of supporting customers as far afield as Singapore and New York, our clients operate in the architectural, legal, financial, media, technology, manufacturing and retail sectors.

We understand the unique requirements of our clients in each of their respective operating sectors. ihotdesk has established business partnerships and offerings which are bespoke for that particular sector, whilst employing standards and best practice procedures throughout.

We liaise with your existing specialist third party vendors to ensure we manage all your IT needs.

Here are examples of the work carried out in the different sectors:


We understand the need for document management, printing, dictation systems and various databases that need to operate within your networked environment.

For example, we have experience of providing top up skills, managed firewall service and carried out network upgrades to facilitate the introduction of document management systems.

Banking, Financial services and Insurance::

We are able to integrate market data, research software, develop databases, intranet's and provide Disaster Recovery services.

Works carried out have included new infrastructure setups, connecting offices, office moves, provided permanent on site personnel, DR setups, managed firewall's, mobile solutions using VPN, outasking and many different projects.


We have setup Apple Macintosh networks, developed web sites and advised on media streaming.


We understand the need for integrating central stock control, front end ordering and purchasing systems into your local area/wide area networked environment.

Work has included setting up Citrix environments, allowing delivery of applications efficiently across a wide area network and supporting multiple sites.

Cross Sector::

Internet connectivity & security is important. These normally take the form of ADSL, SDSL or leased line circuits, network security and secure remote access for mobile workers can be facilitated by our managed firewall service.

The common processes which underpin all these sectors are having in place contingency procedures, good backups, security policies, anti virus policies and network resilience.