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Customer quotes

  • "The management of our IT infrastructure is a critical part of the school's operation. I am confident that by having outsourced this task we have achieved a better result for pupils, teachers and the school's funds."

ICT Support for Schools

Information Technology systems are just as important for schools as IT is for commercial companies; arguably more so. If a teacher has planned a lesson which is reliant on IT, then the systems must be functioning, otherwise that precious time is lost. Children will not be keen to work overtime to catch up on a lost lesson.

ihotdesk offer schools business class IT outsourcing services. Schools deserve professional services to enable them to focus on Education, rather than managing an IT infrastructure.

Benefits of using ihotdesk’s OuTasking service are::

  • IT outsourcing
    • Best expertise at a fixed price with contracted service levels
  • Pro-active support
    • Preventing issues so you have maximum availability of IT for your lessons
  • Desk-side assistance
    • Hands-on skills when you need them
  • Interactive web-site development
    • Promoting your school, bringing teachers, pupils and parents together

Whether your school has an existing IT system that requires proactive management or you have funding to invest in a new infrastructure, then ihotdesk would be pleased to meet to discuss your requirements. Click here to make an enquiry.