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IT Articles / News

Selected Category - Security
Selected Year - 2008
Date Article Title
02/07/2008 'Modified spam threats target consumers'
30/06/2008 'Staff threat to business IT security'
27/06/2008 New IT security group founded
25/06/2008 Security breaches come from range of channels
20/06/2008 BSA calls for malware legislation
20/06/2008 'Flash drives used to breach IT security'
12/06/2008 Internet ID fraud easy, says IT security expert
10/06/2008 'Online crime threatens EU economy'
06/06/2008 New way to handle IT worms discovered
05/06/2008 Trojans top malware table
27/05/2008 'Gambling websites targeted by hackers'
23/05/2008 Reliance on email increases risk of data loss, reveals survey
21/05/2008 'Government must take on IT security role'
16/05/2008 Consumers warned about internet fraudsters
15/05/2008 NHS employs IT security software
14/05/2008 Microsoft customers warned of security breaches
13/05/2008 Online consumers 'should be suspicious' of businesses
13/05/2008 Online criminals repackage malware
02/05/2008 Malware up 'but storm botnet subsides'
21/04/2008 No need to be "scared" of putting information online
16/04/2008 Hackers expose BT Home Hub
11/04/2008 Massive increase in malware predicted
10/04/2008 Companies need to be careful of security breaches
10/04/2008 'Focus on data not infrastructure', say IT security experts
09/04/2008 UK websites open to e-crime
03/04/2008 Google archiving tool available
31/03/2008 Software must improve to beat hackers, say experts
13/03/2008 Deloitte expert highlights security in IT outsourcing deals
07/03/2008 Has an iCrime wave swept across the US?
06/03/2008 Only way to avoid online fraud 'is to educate the consumer'
26/02/2008 Over 90% of people are using anti-virus software, says expert
25/02/2008 McAfee: Internet security firms 'have adapted to tackle malware'
22/02/2008 IT threats "about maximising revenue"
19/02/2008 Web is becoming a 'platform for launching malicious codes'
18/02/2008 Offline marketing 'could improve online security'
12/02/2008 Consider IT security 'when in an internet caf�'
11/02/2008 IT safeguarding systems can 'never be fool-proof'
04/02/2008 FSB: SMEs should be 'more aware' of cyber crime
30/01/2008 Businesses should scan USBs before opening
30/01/2008 Data encryption is 'essential' for businesses
09/01/2008 Small businesses focus on online backup

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