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Selected Category - Outsourcing
Selected Year - 2006
Date Article Title
22/12/2006 BT signs $1bn outsourcing deal
21/12/2006 Skandia UK in outsourcing deal
20/12/2006 Siemens secures deal with Deutsche Bank
19/12/2006 LogicaCMG extends InBev deal
11/12/2006 China plans to expand outsourcing services
08/12/2006 UK outsourcing model to see shift
08/12/2006 Microsoft wins Operation Cyberstorm
07/12/2006 Network Rail considers IT outsourcing
28/11/2006 Companies increase role of web
27/11/2006 Decline in female IT professionals
22/11/2006 The challenges for 2nd-gen outsourcing
22/11/2006 European growth in IT outsourcing
16/11/2006 IT outsourcing brings broad benefits, say experts
15/11/2006 IT outsourcing growing in popularity
14/11/2006 Beeb outsources �85m contract to Xansa
10/11/2006 IT job hunters double in numbers
09/11/2006 Ballmer: "Outsourcing is here to stay"
07/11/2006 Bill Gates speaks at Convergence EMEA
06/11/2006 Mobile phone giant outsources to IT companies
06/11/2006 Logica awarded �2 million contract
30/10/2006 China's outsourcing market growing
26/10/2006 easyJet outsources IT operations
19/10/2006 Evolution of outsourcing takes a new twist
18/10/2006 Prepare thoroughly to maximise outsourcing gains
11/10/2006 Aussie PM backs outsourcing
06/10/2006 Outsourcing in the public sector
05/10/2006 Outsourcing for Vodafone
03/10/2006 Outsourcing figures show success
02/10/2006 Outsourcing "fundamental" to business
29/09/2006 Outsourcing advances in biotechnology
26/09/2006 Customer service key to success of outsourcing
25/09/2006 Remote working poses new challenges for IT support
22/09/2006 "Robust growth" expected for outsourcing services
21/09/2006 Philippines next stop for global outsourcing
18/09/2006 Phenomenal outsourcing growth in US
15/09/2006 IT Outsourcing leading to success
12/09/2006 Kenya joins IT support in London
04/09/2006 Optimising IT support London
31/08/2006 IT Outsourcing debate: India or China?
30/08/2006 IT Outsourcing here to stay
25/08/2006 Broadband IT support London
24/08/2006 Outsourcing good fiscal option
22/08/2006 Outsourcing in China on the rise
21/08/2006 IT Outsourcing continues growth
17/08/2006 Outsourcing through skills shortage
16/08/2006 Microsoft aids IT support in London
15/08/2006 Outsourcing debated on the hill
14/08/2006 Growth for IT support in London
10/08/2006 Attractive outsourcing option for IT support
04/08/2006 Survey reveals need for IT support in London and the UK
03/08/2006 Aerospace key to continued outsourcing growth
02/08/2006 Kodak looks to outsource in a bid to raise profits
01/08/2006 Another sector of outsourcing set to boom in India
31/07/2006 IT outsourcing still number one
27/07/2006 Study shows that CFO's worry about IT support
26/07/2006 Africa and the Middle East next stops for IT outsourcing
24/07/2006 Outsourcing services booming
21/07/2006 Continued growth for offshore outsourcing
18/07/2006 Outsourcing stunted by cross-cultural misunderstandings
13/07/2006 BBC 'miscalculated' IT outsourcing deal
12/07/2006 IT outsourcing becomes "more selective and strategic"
10/07/2006 IT outsourcing and recruitment concerns
06/07/2006 IT directors 'failing to maximise opportunities'
04/07/2006 IT outsourcing highlights demands of Data Protection Act
30/06/2006 Financial gain 'spurs outsourcing'
29/06/2006 Outsourcing deals hit £22bn
28/06/2006 Technology set to spur on outsourcing
27/06/2006 Outsourcing 'needs direction'
23/06/2006 IBM 'thwarting IT security breaches'
22/06/2006 Media and technology companies remain exposed
21/06/2006 Small businesses "ill-prepared" for disaster
19/06/2006 IT outsourcing rescues busy UK airport
16/06/2006 IT outsourcing 'no longer key industry growth area'
13/06/2006 Further growth for IT outsourcing industry
09/06/2006 High risk vulnerabilities for 61% of UK companies
07/06/2006 IT outsourcing draws interest from utility companies
07/06/2006 Outsourcing 'smoothes the road' for SMEs
05/06/2006 IBM offers software to assist IT outsourcing
02/06/2006 Choosing an IT outsourcing partner
02/06/2006 Outsourcing to drive IT spend in UK
01/06/2006 Outsourcing IT support to protect data
31/05/2006 The two diverging paths of IT operations
31/05/2006 IT outsourcing and cost cutting
30/05/2006 IT job fears "overhyped"
25/05/2006 IT outsourcing sees 'too much guesswork'
24/05/2006 IT outsourcing in London
23/05/2006 Cameron favours flexible working
22/05/2006 Outsourcing defended by expert
17/05/2006 SMEs advised to invest more in IT support
16/05/2006 IT outsourcing 'hampered by SLAs'
12/05/2006 IT experts should 'adapt to outsourcing'
10/05/2006 Perfecting IT outsourcing
09/05/2006 Vodafone to benefit from IT outsourcing
08/05/2006 IT outsourcing expanding worldwide
04/05/2006 IT outsourcing the future for European firms
03/05/2006 Microsoft joins SAP for Duet
02/05/2006 IT outsourcing and "the human elements"
02/05/2006 Trojan horse demands ransom
28/04/2006 Directors 'want control of IT outsourcing'
28/04/2006 IT outsourcing guide published
27/04/2006 Concern over internal security threats
26/04/2006 SMEs 'enjoy real benefits' of IT outsourcing
24/04/2006 Security 'central to IT projects'
21/04/2006 SMEs demand outsourcing flexibility
20/04/2006 Businesses await new security network
19/04/2006 European firms are open to attack
18/04/2006 IT outsourcing market grows again in China
13/04/2006 Oracle buys Portal Software
12/04/2006 Mutual understanding: the key to IT outsourcing
11/04/2006 The cost of unplanned IT work
10/04/2006 IT outsourcing boosts Europe's hospitals
07/04/2006 Mobile working gets backing from BT
06/04/2006 IT Outsourcing to drive innovation
05/04/2006 Bosses struggle to find and keep IT workers
05/04/2006 Outsource IT to boost productivity
04/04/2006 Businesses clamping down on spyware
03/04/2006 Small businesses benefit from IT outsourcing
31/03/2006 The rules of outsourcing
30/03/2006 Nissan multisources its IT outsourcing
29/03/2006 Patches announced for IE critical flaw
29/03/2006 IT security and business savvy
28/03/2006 IT Outsourcing driving down costs worldwide
28/03/2006 Outsourcing IT is the future

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