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Date Article Title
02/07/2008 'Modified spam threats target consumers'
02/07/2008 'SMEs look to streamline IT infrastructure'
01/07/2008 'Domain name registration will increase'
01/07/2008 'CIOs uncertain about IT vision'
30/06/2008 'Staff threat to business IT security'
30/06/2008 Environmental IT audit and report developed
27/06/2008 New IT security group founded
27/06/2008 Time for naked DSL, says VoIP firm
26/06/2008 Ericsson outsources IT to HP
26/06/2008 'Internet can save money on research for SMEs'
25/06/2008 Security breaches come from range of channels
25/06/2008 Outsourcing IT services set for boom
25/06/2008 'IT managers prepare to tighten belts'
24/06/2008 'VoIP can help SMEs'
24/06/2008 Record turnout at social networking conference
23/06/2008 'Teleworkers get tax breaks'
23/06/2008 'Social networking can aid graduate job hunters'
23/06/2008 'SMEs will be taught how to thrive in credit crunch'
20/06/2008 BSA calls for malware legislation
20/06/2008 SAM jumps up CIO agenda
20/06/2008 'Flash drives used to breach IT security'
19/06/2008 'Men dominate mobile internet use'
19/06/2008 'Internet users should take responsibility for online security'
18/06/2008 'New iPhone will prove popular'
18/06/2008 'Download speeds still inconsistent'
17/06/2008 'Businesses leave IT security gates open'
17/06/2008 'Internet technology widens graduate choice'
16/06/2008 'Direct marketing for all', thanks to internet
16/06/2008 'Government websites inadequate'
13/06/2008 'Check-ups improve PC efficiency'
13/06/2008 Contactless payment technology 'a matter of time'
13/06/2008 'Mobile email should decrease work stress'
12/06/2008 'Email effective marketing tool'
12/06/2008 Internet ID fraud easy, says IT security expert
12/06/2008 Mobile bundle deals on the increase
11/06/2008 'Merger failures down to sub-par software'
10/06/2008 'Internet breathes life into marketing methods'
10/06/2008 'Ofcom code welcome but lacking teeth'
10/06/2008 Data storage conference announced
10/06/2008 'Online crime threatens EU economy'
09/06/2008 Smartphone sales continue to rise
09/06/2008 'Buyers aware of mobile technology range'
09/06/2008 Email will be replaced by new online media, says marketing expert
06/06/2008 Mobile email service launched
06/06/2008 'Retailers lack online insight'
06/06/2008 New way to handle IT worms discovered
05/06/2008 Trojans top malware table
05/06/2008 'Email most popular form of communication'
04/06/2008 Companies should study website construction document, says expert
04/06/2008 'SMEs not doing enough to tackle online crime'
03/06/2008 European ICT conference to be held in Wales
03/06/2008 Secure mobility suite launched
02/06/2008 Use of virtual offices increasing, says expert
02/06/2008 '3G capability to be introduced for notebooks by 2009'
02/06/2008 European online advertising sees 40 per cent growth
30/05/2008 'SMEs have chance to "steal the lead" from big business on IT'
30/05/2008 'ISPs should charge urban and rural areas the same price for broadband'
29/05/2008 'Virtualisation can help businesses and the environment'
29/05/2008 'Communication vital in SME ISP relationship'
28/05/2008 Compensation management leads to employee satisfaction
27/05/2008 Companies should consider teleworking, says expert
27/05/2008 'Internet consumers have no brand loyalty'
27/05/2008 'Gambling websites targeted by hackers'
23/05/2008 Reliance on email increases risk of data loss, reveals survey
23/05/2008 'Communications conference to maximise mobile potential'
23/05/2008 Summit recommends teleworking
23/05/2008 Inefficient streaming technology still in use, says expert
22/05/2008 Internet platforms essential for businesses, says expert
22/05/2008 Government proposes communications database
21/05/2008 'Mobile advertising spending set to surge'
21/05/2008 'Government must take on IT security role'
21/05/2008 'Global managed IT services industry set for boom'
20/05/2008 'Strategic IT outsourcing can increase efficiency'
20/05/2008 'Innovative IT management essential for successful companies'
19/05/2008 'Wireless waits for common data exchange'
19/05/2008 Vodafone to buy ZYB
19/05/2008 'IT can reduce carbon emissions'
16/05/2008 Consumers warned about internet fraudsters
16/05/2008 VoIP industry 'set to grow'
15/05/2008 NHS employs IT security software
15/05/2008 HP and EDS announce takeover
15/05/2008 IT outsourcing industry 'will be borderless in seven years'
14/05/2008 'Internet users paying too much for broadband'
14/05/2008 Microsoft customers warned of security breaches
13/05/2008 Online consumers 'should be suspicious' of businesses
13/05/2008 Online criminals repackage malware
13/05/2008 'A great website experience can increase online business'
13/05/2008 'Pay-as-you-go' broadband services released
13/05/2008 New communications technology launched
12/05/2008 European IT market to grow by three per cent
12/05/2008 IT outsourcing in London seminar announced
09/05/2008 British workers 'not trained in email use'
09/05/2008 VoIP compatible mobiles 'will become more popular'
09/05/2008 Virgin Atlantic extends TCS IT outsourcing deal
08/05/2008 Broadband subscribers 'will transfer to WiMAX'
08/05/2008 VoIP 'particularly useful for small businesses'
08/05/2008 Italy preparing for release of iPhone
07/05/2008 C Hoare & Co outsources IT
07/05/2008 Communications solution designed by BT and Siemens
07/05/2008 Investment in VoIP 'on the rise'
06/05/2008 Central and eastern European IT outsourcing market 'hits $3bn'
02/05/2008 Environmental issues 'will lead companies to spend more on IT'
02/05/2008 Malware up 'but storm botnet subsides'
01/05/2008 CSC and Zurich sign �200 million IT outsourcing contract
01/05/2008 Microsoft-compatible software released
29/04/2008 Scottish Water inks �120m IT outsourcing deal
29/04/2008 O'Neill employs new storage systems
28/04/2008 Broadband designed for SMEs
28/04/2008 Skype develops mobile phone technology
28/04/2008 IT outsourcing set to be "driving force of IT services market"
25/04/2008 Phone technology 'will soon cost more'
25/04/2008 Content providers paying more is "patently ridiculous"
25/04/2008 Credit crunch 'will move IT outsourcing economy'
24/04/2008 Public 'may have to pay more for internet entertainment'
23/04/2008 Empire installs VoIP technology
23/04/2008 IT outsourcing 'gaining momentum globally'
22/04/2008 Small IT firms 'could benefit from giants' investment'
22/04/2008 IT outsourcing deal signed by pharma firm
22/04/2008 IBM develops mid-sized business services
21/04/2008 'Careful' selection of domain names recommended for SMEs
21/04/2008 No need to be "scared" of putting information online
18/04/2008 NFEA announces Credit Crunch Week
18/04/2008 Websites 'can help small businesses'
17/04/2008 'Unique' benefits of teleworking
17/04/2008 New IT outsourcing deal signed by Corus and Capgemini
16/04/2008 Hackers expose BT Home Hub
16/04/2008 Banks should 'modernise IT to tackle credit crunch'
15/04/2008 iPhone vulnerable to hackers
15/04/2008 IT outsourcing allows telecoms firms to focus on 'core business'
14/04/2008 VoIP must be managed 'properly'
14/04/2008 New telephony suite for SMEs introduced
14/04/2008 Microsoft releases integrated security beta
11/04/2008 Google to change advertising policy
11/04/2008 Clients 'to shape IT outsourcing industry'
11/04/2008 Massive increase in malware predicted
10/04/2008 Companies need to be careful of security breaches
10/04/2008 Internet 'on demand call recording' launched
10/04/2008 'Focus on data not infrastructure', say IT security experts
09/04/2008 UK websites open to e-crime
09/04/2008 IT outsourcing in South Africa growing
09/04/2008 Lobby group formed over proposed VoIP regulations
08/04/2008 IBM signs IT outsourcing deal with ProSiebenSat.1
08/04/2008 IT budgets 'stay solid'
07/04/2008 Gates: Windows 7 will be ready 'in the next year or so'
04/04/2008 Opportunity for growth in small business IT outsourcing
04/04/2008 Cloud computing 'future of IT outsourcing in UK'
03/04/2008 IT outsourcing in London and UK expected to increase as economy slows
03/04/2008 Mobile phone users 'should be more aware of security risks'
03/04/2008 Google archiving tool available
02/04/2008 VoIP industry tops jobs list
02/04/2008 Healthcare industry ready to benefit from IT outsourcing
02/04/2008 IT outsourcing in London and UK 'on the up'
01/04/2008 Teleworking a 'win-win-win' for managers, employees and the environment
01/04/2008 Google Docs goes offline
01/04/2008 Shell: $4bn IT outsourcing deal to bring "important financial benefits"
31/03/2008 Software must improve to beat hackers, say experts
31/03/2008 Apple 'getting worse at handling security'
28/03/2008 Energy efficient computing 'increasingly important for businesses'
28/03/2008 Broadband industry 'promotes itself using unrealistic figures'
27/03/2008 India leads Asia in IT outsourcing
27/03/2008 BBC iPlayer has 'taken high-end web behaviour to the masses'
27/03/2008 IT managers need "more information and guidance"
26/03/2008 Voipfone: 'Skype not suitable for SMEs'
26/03/2008 Siemens wins �27.3m IT outsourcing deal
26/03/2008 SMEs' websites can 'languish very quickly'
25/03/2008 Mozilla boss says Apple has 'undermined' its customers
25/03/2008 VoIP has 'enormous potential' for SMEs
20/03/2008 VoSKY forms VoIP partnership to enhance remote communications
20/03/2008 Journal says internet addicts should get help
19/03/2008 ACI agrees IT outsourcing deal with IBM
19/03/2008 'Silent offshoring' new trend in outsourcing
19/03/2008 Small businesses neglect website updates
19/03/2008 Dell aims new servers at SMEs
18/03/2008 Cheap VoIP calls over conventional mobile phones promised
18/03/2008 Small firms must invest in technology to fight recession
18/03/2008 Wipro eyes European and US expansion
17/03/2008 Business must embrace social networking
17/03/2008 China positioning to overtake India as world outsourcing centre
17/03/2008 Voice over broadband drives investment growth
17/03/2008 HP promotes 'infrastructure as a service'
14/03/2008 Internet television poised for take-off
14/03/2008 Outsourcing discount demands could compromise quality
14/03/2008 Prudential hails outsourcing deal as 'key milestone'
13/03/2008 BT signs data centre outsourcing deal in Hong Kong
13/03/2008 Deloitte expert highlights security in IT outsourcing deals
12/03/2008 IT outsourcing conference to be held in London
12/03/2008 Texas Instruments and Microsoft announce VoIP compatibility
12/03/2008 AstraZeneca outsources clinical data management
11/03/2008 Expert offers website advice
11/03/2008 IT projects lose money
11/03/2008 IT outsourcing comes back on shore
10/03/2008 Redstone doubles Cambridge uni's computing capacity
10/03/2008 Wiltshire signs up Logica to provide efficient services
07/03/2008 Has an iCrime wave swept across the US?
07/03/2008 Microsoft offers $100,000 to boost interest in Office Live Workplace
06/03/2008 90% of SMEs would switch to a mobile operator
06/03/2008 Only way to avoid online fraud 'is to educate the consumer'
06/03/2008 Technology is allowing for 'new innovations in online gambling'
05/03/2008 Social network advertising is 'intelligent, not invasive'
05/03/2008 Purchasing a domain name is a "good marketing spend"
05/03/2008 Online sales are the 'biggest source' of counterfeit goods
04/03/2008 Councils told flexible working could save them �1.1bn
04/03/2008 Domain name availability is 'dwindling'
04/03/2008 IT outsourcing used to 'enhance business outcomes'
03/03/2008 A domain name is not just for Christmas
03/03/2008 Mobile phone sales hit 1bn mark in 2007
03/03/2008 It is important Britain doesn't 'fall behind' with high-speed broadband
29/02/2008 Generic domain name market is 'becoming like a stock market'
26/02/2008 50mbps broadband is more a "marketing flag than a useful product"
26/02/2008 Over 90% of people are using anti-virus software, says expert
26/02/2008 Steria Suisse and Dolder sign IT outsourcing deal
25/02/2008 VoIP 'should be sold on the basis of its features'
25/02/2008 Home-based business owners need 'the ability to focus'
25/02/2008 McAfee: Internet security firms 'have adapted to tackle malware'
22/02/2008 Broadband customers 'mislead'
22/02/2008 IT threats "about maximising revenue"
21/02/2008 BT Business: 'Home working gives employees a more rounded life'
21/02/2008 Widespread broadband has boosted teleworking, says expert
21/02/2008 Google overtakes TV stations in ad stakes
20/02/2008 Small businesses 'get a lot out of VoIP'
20/02/2008 Intrawest and T4G sign IT outsourcing deal
20/02/2008 Offline marketing 'can reduce SMEs' carbon footprint'
19/02/2008 Sony launches 'VoIP-friendly' headsets
19/02/2008 Web is becoming a 'platform for launching malicious codes'
19/02/2008 Edinburgh councillors use IT outsourcing to save cash
18/02/2008 Mobile phone check-in to be used at airports
18/02/2008 Offline marketing 'could improve online security'
18/02/2008 Business support can have a 'huge impact' on SMEs
15/02/2008 iPod owners to customise their devices
15/02/2008 IAOP praises outsourcing ahead of world summit
15/02/2008 Pantaloon Retail hires Wipro in $50m IT outsourcing deal
14/02/2008 Telephony firm announces new broadband products
14/02/2008 HP lands $675m IT outsourcing deal
14/02/2008 BAA signs-up LogicaCMG in IT outsourcing deal
13/02/2008 Government urged to publicised changes in law that affects SMEs
13/02/2008 Apple launches new photograph-viewing software
13/02/2008 Yahoo! set to reject Microsoft offer
12/02/2008 Businesses still not comfortable with internet, study says
12/02/2008 IT outsourcing will increase by 7% in 2008
12/02/2008 Consider IT security 'when in an internet caf�'
11/02/2008 VoIP manufacturer signs CRM deal
11/02/2008 Samsung unveils Soul phone
11/02/2008 IT safeguarding systems can 'never be fool-proof'
08/02/2008 Small industries catch on to IT outsourcing
07/02/2008 Popularity of BBC iPlayer rockets
07/02/2008 Irish IT outsourcing will reach �337.3m in 2008
06/02/2008 Nokia aims to N-Gage with the handheld gaming market
06/02/2008 UK 'won't experience same internet problems as India and Egypt'
06/02/2008 Top-level domain names 'not necessarily more reputable'
05/02/2008 Domain name extensions can help businesses 'look local'
05/02/2008 ICT equipment makes 3/4% of world's carbon emissions
05/02/2008 South West Water signs IT outsourcing deal for billing services
04/02/2008 Serviced office space is 'the way forward' for SMEs
04/02/2008 Forcing ISP identification could ruin small providers
04/02/2008 FSB: SMEs should be 'more aware' of cyber crime
01/02/2008 UK iPhone owners to get 'better deal'
01/02/2008 IBM releases new data warehousing software
01/02/2008 Sony launches new Vaio series laptops
31/01/2008 Direct mail campaigners should 'think like the customer'
30/01/2008 Businesses should scan USBs before opening
30/01/2008 Data encryption is 'essential' for businesses
29/01/2008 AtlasTG wins IT outsourcing contract from Shoe Pavilion
29/01/2008 Consumers complain about mobile phone contracts
28/01/2008 SHL signs up Capgemini in �23m IT outsourcing deal
28/01/2008 Unisys sign IT outsourcing contract with Minneapolis
25/01/2008 SMEs should 'get involved' with CompeteFor website
24/01/2008 Laptop buyers need 'a clear idea of what it will be used for'
24/01/2008 T-Systems signs IT outsourcing contract
23/01/2008 Direct marketing should target old and new customers
23/01/2008 SMEs told flexible working is 'important for recruitment'
22/01/2008 Facebook and Nokia in talks
22/01/2008 IBM signs IT outsourcing deal
22/01/2008 A virtual office can 'add prestige'
21/01/2008 ACS signs $130m IT outsourcing deal
21/01/2008 Generic domain names 'hugely important'
21/01/2008 SMEs' IT needs 'unlikely to consumer huge amounts' of energy
18/01/2008 Outsourcing can give start-ups a 'professional image'
18/01/2008 Email 'increasingly' successful for direct marketing
17/01/2008 SMEs 'under pressure'
17/01/2008 Ethernet market to grow
16/01/2008 Businesses should be 'clever' about their domain names
16/01/2008 WiMax will 'not be most popular' UK broadband connection
16/01/2008 MKS Integrity wins IT outsourcing contract
15/01/2008 Internet ads are becoming 'easier to target'
15/01/2008 FSB: UK is a 'good place' for starting a business
15/01/2008 Spending on IT outsourcing 'will increase' in 2008
14/01/2008 IT workers' salaries 'hold steady' during credit crunch
14/01/2008 Carbon Clear says 'going green benefits SMEs'
14/01/2008 Ovum: iPhone 'not as fully featured' as top-end devices
11/01/2008 Price of iPhone is a 'sticking point' for consumers
11/01/2008 Communication is 'crucial' to internet training
10/01/2008 Internet can help businesses give staff information
10/01/2008 PowerPoint's improved interface marks 'huge change'
10/01/2008 IT salaries rise by 3.4% in south-east
09/01/2008 SMEs should 'travel less and save energy'
09/01/2008 Small businesses focus on online backup
09/01/2008 IT outsourcing on the up in 2008
08/01/2008 Blu-ray's DVD battle 'depends on Paramount and Universal'
08/01/2008 Online recruitment activity rises in December
08/01/2008 Dell launches 'next step in display technology'
07/01/2008 SMEs may find 'innovation stifled' by financial conditions
07/01/2008 Highways Agency invests �75m in IT outsourcing
07/01/2008 SMEs can improve 'broadband speeds simply'
04/01/2008 Google gets 'wicked' rival
04/01/2008 802.11n wireless networks set to 'drive the industry'
03/01/2008 Kit Heath Jewellery uses IT outsourcing firm
03/01/2008 Sony to give PSP VoIP capabilities
03/01/2008 Shell to cut costs with IT outsourcing
02/01/2008 US firm to set up IT outsourcing operations in China
02/01/2008 Businesses use internet on mobile phones
02/01/2008 Government funding for SMEs 'should be less risk averse'

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