IT security teams might not manage IT security soon

IT security teams might not manage IT security soon

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Article date 01 March 2012
IT security teams might not manage IT security soon
It may sound stupid but soon people who are trained as IT security professionals may not be managing their firm’s actual IT security in the near future.

Computer Weekly reports that many companies are currently transferring the responsibility of keeping their computer systems safe from the traditional IT team to compliance and risk departments.

This claim is backed up by recent research from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), an organisation which looks after the interests of C-level executives.
According to its study, transfer of IT responsibilities as increased rapidly over the past year.

CEB practice manager Jeremy Bergsman explained that typically 85 per cent to 95 per cent of chief information security officers report to their IT departments, but that has altered greatly in recent times.

“Over the past year, that has changed, with 25 per cent reporting not to IT but to the legal and risk management function,” he said.

Mr Bergsman predicts that IT and IT security will be seen as too completely separate entities in the future as technology becomes more a commodity and systems are increasingly outsourced to platforms utilising the capabilities of cloud computers.

This, he said, is because there is more emphasis on risk management and information security involves much more than just ensuring that servers remain free of malware and other potentially damaging threats.

However Mr Bergsman believes that anyone who wishes to chance the administration of IT security within a firm should explain their reasoning to existing departments before doing anything rash.

He said: “They should be prepared to justify their position to the rest of the organisation.”

The report comes in the same week in which was suggested that future cloud-based systems will not even need to be managed by a person as they will have the capacity to detect issues and repair them automatically.ADNFCR-8000229-ID-801307793-ADNFCR
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