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Google Docs goes offline

Software services
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Breaking news from ihotdesk, the home of IT outsourcing in London:
Google is stepping up competition with Microsoft by increasing the scope if its web-based word-processing capability.

Category Software services
01 April 2008
Google is stepping up competition with Microsoft by increasing the scope if its web-based word-processing capability.

On its official blog the company announced that it will now be possible to edit its word processing software, known as Google Docs, offline.

Google Docs had previously only been accessible when users were online, potentially causing them to lose documents when they lost their internet connection, according to iTWire.

The new offline application will require the installation of Google Gears.

Ken Norton, product manager for Google Docs, said in The Money Times: "What it will allow a user to do, the first time they come to Docs and see the offline link, they'll install the open-source Gears extension, and all documents will automatically be synced.

"If you lose your internet connection, you can still open your documents and make edits."

Reuters has published a statement from Google saying: "This is still early days. We're working to make more web applications and functions work where connections are unavailable."

These functions include the ability to edit spreadsheets and presentations, bringing the online search giant into direct competition with Microsoft, according to

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