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BBC iPlayer has 'taken high-end web behaviour to the masses'

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The BBC iPlayer has taken high-end web behaviour to the masses, says internet expert Broadband Choices.

Category Communications
27 March 2008
The BBC iPlayer has taken high-end web behaviour to the masses, says internet expert Broadband Choices.

According to the online, self-help group, which is part of the group, the iPlayer has broadened the appeal and outreach of multimedia uses of internet.

Michael Phillips, product director with Broadband Choices, said: "Previously most people were just doing a little bit of surfing in the evening, whereas downloading and peer-to-peer appeared to be minority activities, but now the BBC has made it a mass market."

He added that, in his opinion, this is why consumers are now expecting more of their internet service providers (ISPs).

This may have caught ISPs off-guard, says Michael, as they may not have been expecting customers to start doing these high-intensity web surfing activities so soon.

According to uSwitch's latest survey, the customer satisfaction gap between the best and worst ISPs has widened from 13 per cent to 21 per cent.

Furthermore, over eight million broadband customers say that they are not sure their provider has them on the best deal.

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