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A domain name is not just for Christmas

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Breaking news from ihotdesk, the home of IT outsourcing in London:
A domain name is not just for Christmas – it is yours forever, according to one industry expert.

Category SME IT
03 March 2008
A domain name is not just for Christmas – it is yours forever, according to one industry expert. has advised small and medium enterprises that once they have purchased a domain name, they can retain it for the "rest of their lives".

Matt Mansell, managing director of, said: "When you buy a domain name…you are not tied to a service provider.

"A domain name doesn't have to move with the service provider, it's held by a central body and as long as you renew it online it remains yours for as long as you’d like."

In the Asia Pacific, DotAsia – the organisation responsible for administrating the new domain suffix ".asia" – received a total of 26,663 applications within the first 24 hours of bidding opening, reports is a UK-based online provider of domain registration services, which says it offers "some of the lowest prices, yet most sophisticated service" in the market today.

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