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Laptop buyers need 'a clear idea of what it will be used for'

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Breaking news from ihotdesk, the home of IT outsourcing in London:
Those buying laptops should have a clear idea what they will use the item for, say industry experts.

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24 January 2008
Those buying laptops should have a clear idea what they will use the item for, say industry experts.

Computing Which? has advised laptop consumers to form a "good idea" about what sort of functions they want the laptop to perform before choosing one.

Terrie Chilvers, of Computing Which? magazine, said: "For example, if you're on the move a lot you'll need something lightweight, whereas if you plan to use your laptop as a desktop replacement, then something heftier with a widescreen is preferable."

She explained that the more RAM a computer has, the better it will run and discouraged consumers from buying anything with less than is 1GB of RAM.

When it comes to the processor Terrie said: "This is the brains of your computer so it's important to get a processor that's up to the job. In general, any processor of around 1.6GHz will be okay for average users."

The one golden rule she issued was not to be swayed by appearances and focus on performance.

Last week Apple unveiled the world's thinnest laptop, the MacBook Air, which measures 1.93cm in width.

In order to save space the machine does not have a CD or DVD drive and was built to be a wireless machine.

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