50 coolest websites

Breaking news from ihotdesk the home of IT support in London: A poll compiled by Time magazine has listed the 50 coolest websites.

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Article date 16 August 2006
50 coolest websites
A poll compiled by Time magazine has listed the 50 coolest websites.

An expert web team reviewed hundreds of websites before coming to the final list that brings together quirky entertainment sites with genuinely informative educational sites.

The new poll particularly focuses on web pages that display information in an alternative fashion to the norm.

Examples include humanclock.com, a creative way of telling the time utilising human imagination and cuteoverload.com, a collection of hedgehogs among other small creature pictures which is perhaps slightly less informative.

Other highlights include jacksonpollock.org which allows you to create your own modern expressionist paintings using your mouse and wolfgangsvault.com, a classic live rock website that lets you listen to the Rolling Stones live in a gym before they were huge.

MySpace and YouTube were both ranked highly as community websites that allowed users to meet people in different ways.

The list is an annual event and the winners get to stay in a 'best of' list when the next one is published. This now includes relics such as Amazon, Google and the Onion.com.

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