Microsoft keeps on blogging

Breaking news from ihotdesk the home of IT support in London: Microsoft has launched a free blog editor that is a desktop tool rather than a web based design editor.

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Article date 15 August 2006
Microsoft keeps on blogging
Microsoft has launched a free blog editor that is a desktop tool rather than a web based design editor.

Windows Live Writer will allow users to create far more dynamic blogs without having to worry about web based restrictions and upload limits.

The software works with a wide range of blogs as opposed to only working on Windows Spaces, and it auto-configures any work to suit the blog that a user is posting on.

In a statement Microsoft said: "The first thing to notice about Live Writer is that it enables true WYSIWYG blog authoring.

"You can now author your post and know exactly what it will look like before you publish it."

The new software allows the user to upload local maps and pictures from a regularly updated catalogue, with the aim of making posts more interactive.

Even critics of Microsoft have leaped relative praise upon the new software, commenting that as a free tool, it's a very handy piece of software.

Windows Live Spaces was recently redeveloped to incorporate Messenger and email services, allowing the faster sharing of photos and other files.

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