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About us

ihotdesk is your straight-talking, business minded, trusted ICT partner:

Who is ihotdesk?

ihotdesk group plc is the holding company for ihotdesk Limited and ihotdesk communications Limited. ihotdesk Limited provide IT outsourcing services and ihotdesk communications Limited provide telephone systems including Voice over IP and video conferencing, both focused on delivering its services to the SME market.

ihotdesk group structure

Through the combined expertise of IT and communications, ihotdesk offer our clients a single source supply for their technology needs. We are a trusted ICT partner for our clients.

ihotdesk group structure

ihotdesk Limited was formed in 1999 by David Horwood and Preet Chahal. Organic growth has seen the company grow to revenues in excess of £2.2m for 2006, with a large client base and high recurring revenues under pinning the strong foundations of the business.

ihotdesk communications Limited is headed by Gary Roberts (Managing Director) and Simon Drew (Sales Director). Gary and Simon both have a track record in consulting and selling telephony solutions to small, medium and larger corporate clients.

New telephony solutions now need the expertise of IT professionals to implement them, as Voice over IP (VoIP) becomes the norm for solutions for businesses that want to link branch offices or have people working from home. So the formation of ihotdesk communications Limited was an obvious evolution of ihotdesk’s services.

As a group ihotdesk now offer its clients a one stop shop for their technology needs. As a single supplier for a business there are no blurred lines of responsibility. ihotdesk takes ownership for the complete ICT service of a business.

Thought ICT consultants lacked creativity? Think again

ihotdesk is founded on the principles of providing high-quality, flexible, proactive and independent service to small and medium sized businesses. By employing only the most highly qualified, business-minded and friendly service representatives, we aim to deliver proven solutions through innovative use of IT and communications, while staying true to our CREATIVE values.

Our Unique Selling Point = trusted ICT partner

Small and medium sized businesses have as much a reliance on their IT and communications systems as do large corporate companies. Our clients are experts in their own business; they are not necessarily experts in IT or communications. That is why they rely on us to provide them with the appropriate advice and guidance with regard to technology. 

Technology can be confusing. Certainly keeping your knowledge up to date with latest developments and knowing what applications and technology can benefit your business is difficult. Technical consultants can mystify people, using confusing jargon. Do you have confidence that this consultant or sales person has your company’s interests at heart?

At ihotdesk we truly value a long term relationship with our clients. We act as if we were an employee of our clients business. We ask ourselves, is the advice we are giving of true benefit to the client? Is what we are doing or suggesting in the best interests of their business?

Integrity is one of our core values. We know that if we were to deceive or give in-appropriate advice to a client, then we would never be able to regain their trust. Ultimately we would lose their business and an ambassador for our company.

Trust must be earnt; we know this takes time. We build this trust by providing a reliable service; doing what we say we will do; and not letting our clients down.

In time we become their ‘trusted ICT partner’.