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Specialist IT Support and Outsourcing

Welcome to ihotdesk, we are an enthusiastic, talented and experienced team, providing our clients with IT Support and IT Outsourcing services in London and throughout the United Kingdom.

Our clients rely on us each day as if we were their in-house IT & telecoms department. We help them with any ICT support that they need; we proactively manage their network servers preventing problems; we advise and implement new technologies to improve their business performance.

ihotdesk provide you with corporate style IT and Telephony services so you get timely advice and guidance regarding any new technology needs that you have.

ihotdesk are different because we become your trusted ICT partner. Trust takes time to build, but can be lost in an instant. We want a long term relationship with you so we’ll always keep your interests at heart.

What are you looking for?

Outsourcing my IT Support in London or throughout the UK

Helpdesk, Server management and technical assistance for a regular monthly fee. IT Support and Outsourcing

Assistance with an IT Project

Implementing new hardware or software, upgrading your network or moving offices. IT Projects

Telephone and Video Conferencing

A new telephone system so you can be an agile business and have free calls with branch offices or colleagues working from home. Use a video conference rather than travelling to a meeting; boost productivity and save money. Communications

Database or application assistance

Support for existing applications or developing a new one. Software application development

The benefits of Outsourcing your IT Support

Reduction in costs

Strong IT skills can be expensive and difficult to retain. The added costs of salaries, pensions, training and management overheads usually amount to £30,000 plus per employee.

Predictable IT spend

Information Technology Expenditure is important for your financial planning. We provide a fixed IT budget and quote fixed costs on all your IT projects.

Increased levels of service

We can offer you a 24x7 IT service, a small internal IT Support team usually cannot offer this.

Holidays, Sickness & Training cover

We offer guaranteed continuity of service, there is no need for you to worry about covering periods of absence.

Access to a broad range of knowledge, resources and solutions

Our Trained staff cover all of the technologies that your business relies upon. We develop new technology solutions to meet our clients needs, you share the benefit of our experience.

Flexible resourcing::

Additional resources are available at short notice, to cope with peak work-loads or specific IT projects requiring specialist skills. We can also act as an extension to your in-house IT team. Whether its niche skills for a few hours or for a particular project or additional technical hands for peak workload, holiday or sickness cover.

If you are looking to Outsource all or part of your IT Support in London or throughout the United Kingdom and would like to meet with one of our consultants for a no-obligation discussion please call us on 08000 321000, email us at [email protected] or request a call-back.